Tis The season that is

I Heart Design has been working with the Amazing company 'One Fine Day' to help with some custom signs, you have to check out their FaceBook page to see what they've been up to. One Fine Day is all you need to make your special day shine brightly, with great ideas, props & know how they are the go to for weddings and events in the Lakes/Wakatipu area.


Still serving their purpose

Its nice to know that they still are put to good use, sketching & spending your day up to the eyeballs in pencil shavings is still the way that great unique designs begin. 

Computers are where designers head to bring their designs to light, unfortunately some designers may forget to start back at the basics, to get a truly original design that has flare & thought you need to start with a piece of paper & a pencil, only then are you going to get the results you want. This part of the process lets you develop ideas, tweak, change & brainstorm with the type, layout, colors, sizes & all the other elements of the design freely, you can see that if the design already looks fantastic seen purely as pencil on paper that when bringing it to the computer you can see your creation develop & shine.

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