New to Glenorchy

I've had a lot of fun designing all of Heli Glenorchy's branding, they have set up just out of Queenstown in the beautiful Glenorchy. With a great range of flight options taking customers to some stunning locations. I Heart Design has been working on Heli Glenorchy's logo and brochures to show tourists what to expect when flying with Nick from Heli Glenorchy. The brochures have been created with the thoughts of what would a tourist most like to see and get from a flight around Queenstown and letting the scenery speak for itself, with a little run down on the flight options and how to get in contact and book flights easily. (Photos taken by Shotover Media). 


Out and about with New World & Aquastudio

Had a fun day the other day out shooting for New Worlds sponsorship ad. Creating the scene was a fun job with a quick trip around the supermarket to get some produce and fresh artisan breads and bundling into my car pretty much all it could handle. I created a little shop scene for the children down by the lake. Miz from Aqua studio was behind the camera and we got some great images, after waiting for Queenstown's largest ever cloud to pass over to give us the lighting we needed.


Rainy Pots

A unique design we've stumbled across called the 'Rainy Pot' firstly makes a great interior decoration & save's the non 'green thumbed' humans from plant growing failure. Naturally plants grow from fresh raindrops produced from clouds & this design mimics it whilst looking great too. apparently also plants that are grown indoors generally have weak & shallow roots, that stress, decompose & then die (the sad story of any plant I've ever owned) Something about the more natural & even amount of water drops over time makes for better plants, & looks great too, I'm in! head to the Spark Awards website for more innovative designs


Moscow & their upside down house

Sometimes my son watches some morning TV whilst sitting upside down in his seat, (it's a kid thing, they just can't sit still) I joined him the other day but he didn't find it very funny & quickly resumed 'regular' seating position.......A group of  very creative peeps in Moscow thought they should make it happen, for real, not just your casual upside down TV watching session but the whole thing on show at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, where you can climb in and have a play & take some pretty sweet album snaps. more info here -


from recycling to furniture

By now you have probably heard of KARTON & their amazing prducts, their unique design and innovative construction & environmentally friendly to add to that. Dutch Design & is made from high-quality, FSC-Certified corrugated cardboard and is entirely produced in the Netherlands, maybe we should be moving over there, seems it must be inspiring with amazing & unique products popping up all the time. Cardboard tables that can support up to 200 kilos of weight, lets give that a try. Browse & purchase here -

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